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Space Rangers is the collaborative project of Christian Dold aka Diamond Pistols (multi platinum, Billboard #1 producer) and Daniel Spool aka Sneek (Founder of Getter's Shred collective) who are both very popular and well connected in the dance world and have had independent success.

The project started with them making fun house bootlegs as an outlet, which then started taking off organically, and since then the project has become very real. Things really took off when their song "The Move" was featured in Apple's largest worldwide ad campaign of the year, and was the keynote song for the new iphone. This was the largest paid media and social campaign I have ever been part of and the ad was EVERYWHERE. Their collaborations with Cody Ko "Moderation" and "Knock it Off" had big viral moments on Tik Tok and was made during Cody Ko's youtube video that went top 10 on youtube trending.

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